Monday, June 27, 2022

Sperm Count: A Second Coming?

Ilona Staller (photo: Certo Xornal)

The Second Coming represents the hope of Jesus returning. Anything would help considering the beleaguered state of the human race. Right now, of course, any kind of savior feels far away. January 6th commissions spew out evidence that preaches to the choir, but bring few new adherents. La Cicciolina (aka Ilona Staller), a porn star and former wife of Jeff Koons, has been a politician and member of the Italian parliament. If she had run on the platform of a Second Coming, it would have been more orgiastic than messianic and geared mostly to those men whose refractory period had extended due to their age. One of the things a beautiful porn star turned politician might offer would be the hope of not only a shorter refractory period, but as years go by, perhaps through sorcery, none at all. Youth is what everyone wants and it’s truly a miracle to find a 70 year old man who has a "second coming" or in modern parlance the ability to come twice in a row (within say a two hour window).

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