Friday, January 28, 2022

The Interpretation of Sleep

Is it possible to be territorial in one’s sleep? Of course, there's the old bugaboo about people hogging the bed and forcing their partner so near the edge they’re in danger of falling off. But what about the whole realm of relationships that take place when the eyes are rapidly moving (REM)? Even though you’re never more alone than when you’re dreaming, it’s not an exaggeration to say that there are warring parties, things to be fought over and arbitrators who adjudicate these intrapsychic pursuits. The equivalent of Anchluss has occurred during your sleep and organizations like NATO have defended your territories. Balkanized parts of your consciousness vent their irredentist tendencies. Who's to say the armies of your night are simply imaginations? You prove yourself, returning in triumph all within the confines of your nocturnal carapace. And then you awaken to a land grab—whether it’s real or not doesn’t matter since it’s how you feel (as they say). Everyone has their Trojan horse.  No point in recriminating since everything you think you should have thought twice about is a fait accompli. And there you are at midnight, about to make another descent, with no malice aforethought. 

watch the animated version Erotomania!

and listen to "Panic Attack" by Pussy Riot

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