Thursday, January 13, 2022

Fatted Cow Stuff

Is seven years of famine and seven years of feast just apocrypha? Everyone thinks they’re reliving the biblical famine and feast as they look back over the past and continue to live their lives. Does it really always pour when it rains? The answer is plainly no. And what do the feelings of having hit a wall really represent? Is "inanition" a physical or ultimately spiritual condition? You may desire something to replenish you, to fill up the black hole into which your being has been cast. However, emptiness is in the eyes of the beholder. To employ the overused axiom, you can choose to see your glass half full. It’s like clearing one’s desk or mind. You become confronted with a certain nothingness which actually camouflages plenitude just as the profusion of frenetic activity is often a coverup for stagnation. You have undoubtedly been around noisy people (particularly hyperactive children) who employ an inundation of language to cover up the disturbing emotions they’re experiencing.

Read "Feast or Famine" by Francis Levy, HuffPost 

and listen to 'Cold Sweat" by James Brown & Wilson Pickett (talk about feasting)

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