Monday, December 27, 2021

The Maduro Effect

“Viruses don’t mutate, if they can’t replicate,” is often repeated by Anthony Fauci concerning the Coronavirus. It’s an argument for containment through both masking and vaccination, but the adage is something that can also be applied to human beings. If you contain population growth, you’re going to limit the evolution of the species, into some of the darker creations that have begun to populate the planet. In her Atlantic article "The Bad Guys Are Winning"(11/15/21), Anne Applebaum discusses “the Maduro effect,” in reference to the Venezuelan strongman whose platform is based on the preservation of his own power. Autocracy is the subject of the article and the author explores how regimes like those in North Korea, Belarus, Venezuala and Myanmar are able to perpetuate the dictatorial hold they have on a populace. There have always been powerful anti-democratic forces, but in the present paradigm, regimes without any legitimacy, retain their hold through interlocking support from their proxies. Russia supports  a host of undemocratic governments, including Belarus, Balkanized during the dissolution of the USSR. Cuba and China support Venezuela. Government is no longer an expression of the popular will. Rather it’s devoted to the perpetuation of its own power by any means possible. It’s a rather unusual mutation when you think about it, owing as it does allegiance to no higher authority. At least monarchy, based on the divine right of kings, tipped its hat to God. 

Read "The Final Solution: "Deep State in Deep Shit" by Francis Levy, Huffpost

and listen to "Make America Great Again" by Pussy Riot

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