Thursday, December 9, 2021

Assisted Living

Everyone is in assisted living, whether you’re in one of the dreadful Florida communities on avenues with names like Military named after suburban communities like Westchester.Therapy generally comprises one's first adult experience of assisted living. For those who were unable to have a relationship, a psychiatrist may open up the possibility of the next stage of assisted living, ie marriage. The realization that man is a social animal who needs colleagues and friends is another insight that derives from assisted living in its therapeutic form. In this last, the point of the brainwashing is to demonstrate that however painful the slights, reality need not be an insult to being. At the end, the cadaver is assisted either by gravediggers as its lowered into the ground or by the mortician who consigns the ashes to their final resting spot in a columbarium.

 Read "Contesting My Heritage DNA," by Francis Levy, Huffpost

and listen to "I'm the One Who Love Forgot" by The Manhattans

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