Friday, May 21, 2021

Pornosophy: Kissing

Porn traffics in forbidden orifices and acts. Fellatio and cunnilingus are the most famous and commonplace but you’re unlikely to find a film in the annals of erotica entitled simply “Kissing.” What's the difference between kissing someone’s ass, the pejorative for trying to court favor from the powerful, and kissing their lips. In fact, a full kiss on the lips is one of the most erotic and yes dirty acts known to humankind. Just because the lips aren’t hidden by underwear doesn’t mean they aren’t perhaps the most sensual entry doors to the body. Showing the labia another form of lips is looked at as nudity, yet having a conversation in which sometimes painted lips chatter happily away as Billie Whitelaw's do famously in Beckett's Not I is so commonplace as to fall under the radar. Islam recognizes how triggering lips can be by having women cover their faces with the hajib. A so-called French kiss far exceeds most acts of cunnilingus at least to the extent that the tongue is likely to survey far deeper into the mouth than it does the vulva. Kissing on the lips also is unlimited. Fellatio generally leads to ejaculation when it is not simply foreplay, but there's no time limit on kissing. In theory you can kiss ad nauseam or until one of the partners has to leave for a therapy appointment or yoga.

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