Friday, May 28, 2021

Is God Created in Man's Image?

"The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo

Egotism and spiritualism are opposites. In fact, the locution "my spiritual life" contains an oxymoron since it posits a world view that's self-centered. Having the beginnings of a spiritual life is a little like the Copernican Revolution. Galileo and Copernicus both propagated the heretical notion there was a "solar" system with the sun not the earth as center. When you look at how easily the will can rise up in any particular situation, it’s not hard to understand how and why there was so much pushback to those then revolutionary astronomical notions. In another sense it’s tantamount to  anthropomorphizing God and looking at whatever that force or higher power is as a reflection of the palette of human wishes and desire. Theodicy, theocracy, theology all preoccupy themselves with questions of teleology and eschatology, but if you investigate many religious tomes, you find a God created in the image of man, which is not far from the Old Testament concept of man created in the image of God. The god = man or man = god is where the buck has to stop. If there is a God then why would it be within human comprehension? Why would it be, for instance, a moral arbiter or punishing parent? Like the biblical Jews, mankind is left wandering in a desert of uncertainty--with the hope of a Promised Land which ultimately remains elusive. Devising life-sized answers to divine questions is hell on earth.

Read "God Redux" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

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