Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Journal of Medieval Scholasticism: How NOT to Become an Influencer

William of Ockham (photo: Moscarlop)

A recent Times Arts & Leisure profile paints Demi Lovato as having 100M followers on Instagram. But what does it take to be someone who succeeds in having 1 or even none? Being a plain Jane or Joe is one of those old-fashioned talents, anachronisms like cursive writing that are quickly become obsolete. Remember those guys who used to sharpen your knives? Their horse-pulled carts rumbled over cobble-stoned streets, You never required an appointment to sharpen your shiv. People who are influencers want to have lots of followers. However, there are still those who enjoy their privacy, rich people who live in exclusive gated communities, where mail boxes have numbers but no names. Is it possible to have an Instagram or even Twitter account which exists for the sake of itself and which no one looks at but you? It may sound like a hard thing to achieve, but anything, even anonymity, is possible, if you try. Yes, you can stick to yourself on Instagram.

Read "White Meat, Breasts" by Francis Levy, The Evergreen Review

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