Wednesday, March 17, 2021



Unless you believe in an anthropomorphized God, a celestial telephone operator who answers prayers and plans out the schedules of his children, you’re faced with the quandary of free will. How can everything be the result of human choices when something or someone exists, say like a child, and it feels impossible to imagine the world without them? It might be argued that this feeling, which is almost like déjà vu, might hone to the expression, “hindsight is 20/20,” where afterthoughts provide the illusion of a certain clarity and even prescience. In this paradigm the mind is simply a celestial framing device which creates an order that has nothing to do with the random reality which populates the ether into which phenomena or even noumena swim. Accidents are not only the event that occurs when a subjective entity loses control of its will. They become a description of the cosmos from the inexplicable bursts of light characterizing supernovae to the oblivion into which matter descends when it crosses the event horizon of a black hole. It's very hard to accept loss. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help to look at the edifice of life as the random conjunction of bodies in space.

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