Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Final Solution: Using Social Distance for Fun and Profit

Were you social distancing before the pandemic already started? Did you find that you were staying away from people, perhaps not to protect your health, but your self-esteem or just to get back at jerks? Or are you just naturally standoffish? Social distancing can be an excellent survival mechanism when you're in the presence of a person who has a history of being critical or attacking of you. When social distancing in situations where coronavirus is not a factor that six feet of distance will usually be as effective as it is in preventing the spread of the virus. For instance, you’re unlikely to hear someone talking behind your back if you’re six feet away and six feet can be a long distance to cover at a cocktail party, in terms of fending off unwanted advances. At six feet you can see that someone is about to come your way and it leaves plenty of room for an end run. Conversely, closing a gap of six feet is like making an announcement. It’s an extremely prominent sally. If you see someone you don’t like who happens to be three or four feet away, then just step back a few steps until the distance has increased to six and they'll have to take a real chance if their intention is to start up a conversation. Many people who were practicing social distancing before the outbreak of the current pandemic had a head start, in that they had the tools to avoid others. Undoubtedly there will be those who'll continue to employ the techniques they’ve learned to combat the virus with those they deem to be infectious in the wrong kind of way. BTW if you're someone who always hated bar mitzvahs, weddings and funerals then you're undoubtedly having a party--in this new age where the  tendency of similarly charged particles to repel has suddenly become attractive.

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