Friday, June 5, 2020

The Final Solution: Breaking News

If you’d increasingly been finding the news cycles on CNN repetitive—with the same "breaking news" about some dreary bill in congress being hammered in until hell freezes over, the pandemic and recent demonstrations in cities across the country may have alleviated the problem. When is “breaking news” demoted to being simply “news” and is it time sensitive or merely about the category of broken things--like say congress? Would the president relegate one of his most respected advisors Dr. Anthony Fauci to obscurity just as he did contestants on The Apprentice? Would CNN headquarters get sacked? Would Chris Cuomo be warning correspondents like Sara Sidner to run for it in the face of a pushback on demonstrators. Let’s face it, watching police playing cat and mouse with looters is dramatic, especially when the looters are trashing fancy Madison Avenue you never liked to begin with. You may have been bored with the way CNN and other networks banged out the same tedious stories on a 24 hour basis under the guise of presenting some new pressing item. However, one of the few facts of our current comorbidity is the fact that you can’t take your eyes off the TV.

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