Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sacramento Journal: Mr. Pickle

Next time you're in East Sacramento go down to Folsom Boulevard. There you'll discover Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop which lives up to its name and will be the first stop on your itinerary for the day. Pack a lunch including one of their delicious Cali tuna sandwiches with naturally a pickle topping and head 30 minutes East to Folsom. Make your way to the Johnny Cash Trail which leads to the Robbers' Ravine Bridge. Tom Bell the outlaw who reputedly performed the first stagecoach robbery hid in the ravine during his heyday in the middle of l9th Century. The trail leads right to Folsom State Prison where you can visit The Big House Prison Museum. The reality of the prison itself is hard to grasp, a massive gray stone structure with guard posts that's a monument to suffering. On January 13, 1968 Johnny Cash, "the man in black," gave two concerts at the prison and sang "Folsom Prison Blues." His "At Folsom Prison" album was released in May of l968.

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