Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Rome Journal: The Unknown Masterpiece

The Unknown Masterpiece by Hallie Cohen, watercolor 60"x144"
Imagine an Unknown Masterpiece about the love of the Roman Emperor Hadrian for his youthful Greek subject, Antinous! Imagine a fabulously wealthy and reclusive aristocratic clan, collectors of major works of art which have been sequestered from humanity for centuries, setting out to produce a silent film epic with a cast of thousands totally for their own entertainment and pleasure! Imagine a work conceived over generations whose existence has been fastidiously hidden by the descendants of the original producer and imagine generations of directors, actors and supernumeraries whose careers have been frozen in time as a grand production continued on as long as there was a family to keep its secret! Don’t miss it! The beautiful women and handsome men, the heroic warriors! The lights, the cameras, the action!

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