Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rome Journal: The Classical Naming Period

Kennedy Arena, Rome, NY
You may ask yourself what does Rome, NY have to do with Rome, Italy. Not much when you realize the upstate community of approximately 34,000 inhabitants where one of the primary arenas is the John F. Kennedy Civic Area Skating Ring, which hosts hockey and figure skating events, is no Colosseum! Rome NY was once a portage site for Native Americans and in particular the Iroquois which is a far cry from Romulus and Remus. While ancient Rome was founded in 753 BC, Rome, NY was born in l796. Rome, NY got its name as part of the “classical naming period” when a number of upstate cities including Manlius, Cicero, Syracuse, Utica, Troy and Ithaca derived their names. You have of course Paris, Kentucky and Texas after a French city whose name derives from similar sources, but Rome was definitely part a trend manifest, for the most part, in the center of New York State. Naming Rome, Rome was a little like Mustang Sally or the Hula Hoop. However, one can assume that the choice of the Eternal City conferred the kind of validation that occurs when you call a school an Academy with Plato’s being the eponymous example.

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