Thursday, June 1, 2017

What's the Most Embarrassing Thing That's Ever Happened to You?

What is the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to you? Is it seeing the look on your GI’s face as you wake up from a colonoscopy after having forgotten to do the bowel prep? What could be worse? Could it be attending the 50th reunion of your high school class and finding that you're still considered the dork who all the cool kids refuse to talk to? Could it be losing your train of thought in the middle of the speech of your life? What about being vice president of the United States and confirming the National Security Advisor has not talked with the Russians about sanctions, when he has? Or what if you're President and insist there's massive voter fraud when there's no evidence to support this conclusion? But let’s get back to everyday life. What if you are taking a dump and this good looking guy or gal you're in love with accidentally pulls open the bathroom door, seeing you examine the toilet paper you have just wiped your ass with in the way that Hamlet examined the skull of Yorick? Most embarrassment centers around bodily functions, with pissing your pants and not being aware of the big green boogie in your nose high on the list. What if you forget to check out your merchandise and get arrested for shoplifting right in front of the president of the board of your coop who never liked you anyway? What could be more embarrassing than sitting in stirrups and finding yourself being looked over by a prodigy OBGYN, a pimply teenager who starts to giggle as he examines your reproductive system? Or what about not being able to differentiate between the husband and wife in a gay marriage?

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