Friday, June 16, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Having Dark Thoughts

You can’t avoid dark thoughts anymore than you can prevent threatening storm clouds which eventually result in the kind of downpours that cause people to deracinate their umbrellas and run for cover in the middle of an otherwise peaceful day at the beach. Ministers, rabbi and imams all beseech their congregants to find love through faith in God. Acting in anticipation of storms on the horizon is not something you do if you live in a world of love and belief in a higher being. Still black thoughts serve a purpose. Without them you wouldn’t have wonderful novels like Carrie, The Shining and The Stand. James M. Cain would have been out of business were he lacking in experience of thinking the worst; there would be no films noirs of The Postman Always Rings Twice variety without black thoughts. The real problem is the kind of pessimism that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you build up enough anxiety about potential failure, then you’re literally going to be able to make it happen. Unlike the storm cloud at the beach, this is a man made phenomenon. Any male who experiences ED that’s not the result of diabetes or prostate problems can testify to the non aphrodisiac effect brought about by worries about performance. In fact, men who suffer from priapism, a condition where a long lasting erection causes gangrene are known to have been treated with adrenalin. Many individuals who suffer from negative or even suicidal ideation, attend seminars in which they use imaging and other methodologies to escape from the dead end of negative projection. However many of these sufferers don’t realize that they’re essentially getting what they bargained for. It’s harder to get what you want than what you don’t want. So imagining the worst at least provides the illusion of control.

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