Monday, December 5, 2016

The Final Solution: Will Self-Hating Jews Be Accepted by the Alt-Right?

picture of ancient skastika from Lalibela, Ethiopia church  (photo: Samzhab)
Will self-hating Jews be allowed to join the Alt-right movement? It’s always interesting to look at the history of Jewish collaboration  in the Warsaw ghetto and elsewhere. Now that a new generation of Nazis have come to prominence, it will be interesting to see which Jews will be selected for admission into the precincts of an Aryan white supremacist party that aims to do away with Semites, Blacks, Hispanics and anyone who will pollute the Indo-European blood of the founding fathers. It’s nice to have a Jewish lawyer and one wonders if the the late Roy Cohn, who had been a friend and mentor to President-Elect Donald Trump ("What Donald Trump Learned From Joseph McCarthy's Right-Hand Man," NYT, 6/20/16) would have passed muster with the honchos of the Alt-right. What's  certain is Sieg Heiling would not be enough; anyone can do that and pretend they were simply watching an old Jane Fonda aerobics tape. Just dressing up like a storm trooper or Aryan Brotherhood gang member as you might on Halloween in Greenwich Village isn’t going to do the trick either. Nor is changing your name from Levy to Smith or Jones. In order to be admitted, a Jew is going to have to prove him or herself and do something to advance the cause of their own extinction, whether actively participating in the Breitbart News Network, wearing a Steve Bannon tee-shirt or boasting a collection of antique Swastikas.

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