Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pornosophy: Why Men Refuse to Talk About ED

Ottoman Miniature of Wife Upset About Her Husband's ED (Hamse-i Atai)

Have you ever found yourself saying “where are the other 30 million men who are supposed to be suffering from impotence problems?” In fact, ED medications are some of the most widely and candidly dramatized drugs advertised on early morning television stations, which cater to a primarily over 50’s crowd. You’ve seen the ones for 5 mg of Cialis which treat both ED and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and are aimed at sparing otherwise loving couples from missing those special moments. Anyone who knows how sex really takes place realizes how out of sync these commercials are with the reality being that long married couples have certain buzz words and endearments that turn them on like “I'd like to squeeze your buttocks"or "wanna?" The BPH part is a whole other ball of wax, as the correct depiction would show a guy rushing to unzip his fly in front of some nameless Port-O-San. But the fact is that despite all the advertising, however over idealized it is, sexual dysfunction itself is something that most men still are ashamed to talk about. Some men are in complete denial and simply blame their problems on their partners, while others become anorexic and a third group finds themselves living in fear and shame—despite the fact that they’re suppose to be in good company. Men should start to boast about their sexual failures, just like they once did about their conquests. It might not help anything, but there's always strength in numbers.

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