Friday, December 9, 2016

The Final Solution: Trumpty Dumpty

Maus creator Art Spiegelman should do a sequel about the Trump administration and the Alt-right. It would have characters like SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Bannon, camp commander Ivankaka and her husband the handsome Sonderkommando Kitchy Kushner (not the Kushner who wrote When Bad Things Happen to Good People, but the author of When Bad People Do Bad Things and of course Trumpty Dumpty, Der Infuriator who constantly claims that everything that did happen never happened and anything that never happened did. Der Infuriator has a mop of jaundice colored blow dried hair that has magical powers and can be used as a weapon  against ill conceived environmental, trade and nuclear agreements like The Paris Accord, NAFTA and the Iran nuclear deal. It is also totally resistant to illegal immigrants who are rapists and being blow dried will blow "the shit out of" terrorists. Trumpty Dumpty has names for all his adversaries like lame duck Barack Obowel movement and his electoral opponent who he refers to as “her rod and her staff.” The name of the wife of Der Infuriator reflects the fact that she is known for her melons. Before she became first lady, she performed in the minimum amount of lesbian porn to satisfy her community service requirements. Much of the action of this new graphic novel which is narrated by the blond Valkyrie Kellyanne Congirl will take place in Guantanamo, a former prison which has been turned into a new form of incarco-condo where varying stigmatized minorities make their daily waterboarding appointments at an on-site spa.

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