Thursday, October 13, 2016

Post Electoral PTSD

Who will fill the gap when there is no more Donald Trump to kick around (remember the famous Nixon speech from l962). Voters are likely to feel a mixture of postpartum depression and PTSD when there are no more revelations about taxes or groping and that goes for Hillary Clinton too. Will you be able to live without hearing about the 33,000 emails, the calling of Trump supporters "deplorables" and naturally her mistreatment of the women with whom her husband played around (by the way if you know any women who show their enjoyment of being cheated on by feting those who have stolen their husbands please dial our toll free number). But seriously numerous marriages and social situations have been spared by this election with its two unloved candidates. Now who or what will fill those embarrassing silences at dinner? People have gotten out of practice both with small talk and the more serious exchange of feelings between lovers and friends. When the primaries ended and the first debate began, Americans were turned into a country of excitement junkies and as with all addictions the only way to deal with the come down is seek a new fix—or go cold turkey. After election day whether they applaud Hillary’s victory or not, most voters are going to suffer the DT’s. Hurricane season will be over so there won’t be any natural disasters to fan the fires. It’ll be a long winter detoxing from the strong cocktail of defamation that they’ve been fed for the last four months.

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