Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yet Another Perk For Harvard Students

Everyone wants to go to Harvard and now there's another reason why the application pool will undoubtedly swell. An article in The Times describes how, “Dozens of Harvard Law School faculty members are asking the university to withdraw its new sexual misconduct policy, saying that it violates basic principles of fairness and would do more harm than good," (“Some Harvard Professors Oppose Policy on Assaults,” NYT, 10/15/14). California recently passed an affirmative consent law which basically insures that most students having sex will have to employ the services of a litigator. However, if the Harvard Law faculty initiative succeeds, Harvard will boast one of the lower legal costs for being a sexually active student than any university in the country. This a truly a selfless act by the law faculty whose action will also result in a reduction of their own billing hours. However, what’s most important is that the action taken by the law faculty is likely to turn Harvard into one of the leading centers of educated and enlightened sex offense. Potential sex offenders will know that once they get that fat acceptance package  their rights will be protected as they attempt to rape their fellow classmates. Of course, those Harvard Law faculty who have raised their voices in favor of sexual misconduct have not dealt with an ancillary issue which is the rights of those Harvard applicants who are wait-listed or who don’t get in at all. It doesn’t seem fair that only accepted Harvard student get to pillage and rape while those who are rejected or wait-listed aren’t free to force themselves on others.

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