Monday, September 15, 2014

Boots on the Ground--The Movie


    Boots On the Ground is a feature length action film. American air strikes have not been able to contain ISIS which has also launched several successful attacks at targets in major European capitals, during one of which over a l00 hostages are captured and air lifted to a brutal ISIS prison near Qatar. The United States will be next.   
    Moses Thomas is a high ranking member of U.S Military Intelligence. In his role he oversees covert missions by both Special Forces and Navy Seals. Moses grew up in Chicago where his brother Ike took a different tact becoming a widely feared leader of the Bloods. Ike is now serving a life sentence at Menard, a maximum security prison. During a long period in solitary confinement Ike has developed a deep faith in God and has also earned a PhD in sociology. He is a leader in the prison where he is routinely consulted by inmates and authorities alike.
    Moses has unsuccessfully been trying to get Ike a reprieve for years, but due to his brutal past, all attempts to get pardons, even by Moses interceding at the highest levels, have failed.
   As the crisis escalates Moses develops a plan which will re-establish American hegemony and empty the prisons. Ike and an army of criminals will raid the ISIS stronghold on the Iraq Syria border where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is reputed to oversee operations. The stronghold is deemed practically impregnable and bombproof as it lies at the bottom of a famed archeological dig, a holy Mesopotamian city that lies over a half a mile below the surface of the earth.
    Cut to ISIS teams perfecting work on a tactical nuclear devices which will be used for an attack on Washington along with chemical and biological weapons designed to paralyze populations throughout the country.  In the meanwhile the training of Ike and a task force comprised of thousands of criminals has not gone without glitches. Given the opportunity to be good at being good rather than exceling at being bad, some of the hardened mobsters Ike has recruited still remain loyal to the underworld. At first he's forced to use strongarm techniques to discipline his own men. He’s got to demonstrate who’s boss. This part of the film will resemble the kind of MMA you see in the televised Ultimate Fighting challenges. But once Isaiah has prevailed and weeded out the incorrigible, he’s ready to move.
    There will be a scene right out of Preston Sturges when the gates of all the prisons open and the prisons are emptied with a flip to lines of former bikers, pickpockets, murderers, rapists and mobsters all decked out in the uniform of the the United States Correctional Military! Naturally you will have a WAC unit which will live up to its acronym, but will also be an in house source of intelligence while providing the film’s romantic interests). Remember it was a woman CIA officer who was instrumental in tracking bin Laden.
    Moses introduces Ike and his men into the next level of preparedness which involves having access to the most classified levels of weapons technology. They are training not to strike from the air, but by way of an underground drilling operation. This part of the movie will in some ways resemble Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, with underground drones performing high tech feats. There will be sections which also mirror the Chilean mining disaster when Ike and his crew become trapped in explosions and cave-ins that go undetected by their minders who have neither radar nor sonar connections to the army of criminals.  
   Finally our heroes are prevail against the elements and find themselves on a collision course with their ISIS counterparts. They’re willing and ready to use a mixture of street smarts and advanced weaponry to defeat their foe.
    The tone of the movie will be tongue and cheek and filmed like a 30’s romantic comedy with irises and other old-fashioned visual effects and while ISIS may be defeated, our army of criminals is going end up in jail on V-ME (Victory Middle East Day).
    At the end of the film the disconsolate prison guards who had been put out of work by Isaiah and Moses will be happily restored to their jobs. The prisons will be full and American hedge fund honchos and Silicon Valley billionaires, our latter day Robber Barons, will again be free to reek financial havoc with world markets and bring about the same conditions that helped to create terrorist organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda in the first place. No one has learned anything.

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