Monday, October 17, 2011

Ecole de Nettoyage

Nettoyage is a French word that refers to house cleaning, but the modern école de nettoyage, which grants terminal degrees in house cleaning, generally has a school of continuing ed where you can attend non-credit courses on relieving oneself. Wouldn’t it be great to feel the next time you use an airport bathroom that you will know your way around the faucets, and the next time you hit a rest stop on the thruway you won’t feel that you need to worry about your husband or wife accusing you of having an illicit relationship when you contract an STD from the fowl waters shooting up into your asshole, vagina or penis? Have you ever gone into a bathroom at one of the airports and stuck your hand under the electric-eye controlled soap dispenser? Have you ever then stuck your hand under the electric-eye controlled water faucet to no avail? Have there ever been instances where neither the soap nor the water has come out, no matter how frantically you have waved your hand under the dispensers or faucets? Have you ever gone into a stall on The New York State Thruway and found that the electric-eye controlled flusher flushes while you are still sitting so that the unfriendly waters in the drain shoot up into your orifices? Have you ever been in one of those futuristic affairs where there are no electric eyes, but at the same time no recognizable soap, water or paper towel dispensers? Have you just had to go on your nerve in these strange bathrooms and has it ever seemed to you, once you have entered such an environment, that you are never going to be able cleanse yourself or even go to the bathroom to begin with? In today’s modern world, it is becoming increasingly necessary to attend an école de nettoyage.


  1. francis. do you think the europeans or french in particular are more concerned with cleaning up after bodily functions? american bidet sales are a fraction of what they are in europe ... and i never see these washers in public restrooms or hotel bathrooms "over here". but perhaps too many dispensers and too much ritual in bathrooms nowadays are the reason for the increase in shy bladders. paper toilet seat covers? bleh! i would love a simple r.mutt urinal at home but it's a hard sell. as far as this french trend goes, maybe things are getting messier "over there" with all of the small game and those cheeses and wines.

  2. Ah yes if Duchamp had gone into bathroom design, bathrooms toda would likely be less confounding places.The bidet really is a cultural divide between Europe and America and I frequently daydream about the reasons for this. Francis


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