Monday, June 24, 2024

Here Comes the Judge

Listen to "Here Comes the Judge" by Pigmeat Markham

Do judge Aileen Cannon's blatant attempts to subvert proceedings in the documents case augur the kind of attacks on the judicial system that will result from a Trump victory in November? Is her intentional delaying, for instance by allowing literally any scholar to submit an amicus brief, indicative 
of what's to come? Will retribution literally  be exacted on the likes of Juan Marchand, Alvin Briggs, Jack Smith, Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI director James Wray? Will Trump exact his pound of flesh? It seems almost incomprehensible that the US justice system could face a Stalin-like purge, if only for the numbers involved. Say you fire the whole justice department and its subsidiaries on a state and local level, who will issue drivers licenses and fishing permits? Not that one should take a laissez faire attitude, but it's simply a matter of how pervasive the residue of democratic institutions would be in the Nazi state MAGA Republicans envision? The old system of checks and balances is entrenched which is one advantage Democrats may have even if they lose.

also listen to "The Trial" by Pigmeat Markham

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