Friday, July 7, 2023

How To Get Tinderized

There’s meat tenderizer and also Tinderizer—which performs a similar function. Before you go on Tinder, you should be Tinderized so that your personality is made more palatable to whoever you're seeking to hook up with. Tinder is No Country For Old Men to quote 2007 Ethan and Joel Coen film based on the 2005 Cormac McCarthy thriller. You have more than one strike against you if you're over the hill, but why place an item up for auction if there’s no chance it will sell? It’s worse going on Tinder to get no interest than not going on Tinder at all and imagining the pings you might have received. To be Tinderized you don’t need to do anything more than change everything about yourself which will keep potential admirers at bay. If you get a lot of response to your picture, you may even turn out to be a social influencer, who reaps millions from their endorsement of products--which require meat tenderizer. 

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