Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Denmark Journal: City of the Sun God

photograph by Hallie Cohen

Memphis was in the South and Thebes to the North. The ghost of David O. Seltznick is calling but what is the relationship between monotheism and autocracy? In the fifth year of his rule Akhenaten built Amarna-City of the Sun God (with the rays of the solar sun as its symbol). Now it's the subject of an exhibit at Copenhagen’s Glyptotek. Declaring only one God is a simple sounding step, mirroring of course the centrality of the ruler and his Nefertfiti--whose proud image would be iconically emblazoned on history. Though the City of the Sun God would only last 20 years, a historical drop in the bucket, its legacy would one day echo through the halls of both museums--and power.

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