Friday, March 10, 2023

Carlson Serves It Up

photo: Gage Skidmore
Patricia Swanson married Tucker Carlson’s father when the once and a future commentator was 10 years old. Carlson’s mother was the daughter of Carl Swanson and heiress to the wealth generated by Swanson TV dinners—which left an indelible imprint on American children who ate them while watching the tube. Actually, these mass produced packaged foods were part and parcel of a cycle beginning in the Golden Age of TV, which led to the disintegration of the nuclear family. Later, keyboards would betoken the decline of cursive writing, with chat bots heralding the end of the human presence in the turf once known as "interpersonal communications." It’s no wonder that that e mails about January 6 from Carlson are so duplicitous with regard to what happened on the infamous day that democracy itself came under fire. It’s no coincidence that the scion of a TV dinner dynasty would ultimately be producing "false news" about the election being "rigged and stolen." Carlson learned his lessons well. He knows how to serve it up.

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