Friday, February 17, 2023

Annals of AI: What Happens When Your Gifted Self-Driving Car is Disturbed?

Tesla has recalled over 363,000 cars with 'Full Self-Driving" or FSD technology. The problem apparently relates to 3 areas: cars in a turn lane which go straight through an intersection, cars which go through a yellow light and cars which don’t pay attention to stop signs. Until those cars get back to the shop, both caveat and pedestrian emptor. You know the old saw about it being "more dangerous to cross the street" when people try to warn you ofF taking a hit of ecstasy. Well now you may think twice since with all those Teslas on the loose, crossing the street has become a little like Pamplona where the bulls are coming right at you. One wonders about this FSD technology which depends on AI. What if a very intelligent car turns out to be like one of those gifted people who are disturbed? Or a precocious kid who asks to drive even before they're ready? Don't let your car run the show, no matter how independent you've taught them to be.

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