Wednesday, February 15, 2023

A Stop at Willoughby

James Daly in "A Stop at Willoughby"

In this day and age a great Shakespearean hero like say Othello is more likely to die of life itself rather than battle. You may look at Biden that way. He came from practically last in the field to winning the nomination, only to have his election questioned. “Rigged and stolen” was the meme he had to live with even as an insurrection was crushed on the eve of his moving into The White House. Lucky Biden didn’t suffer from being an “as if” personality. People with a fragile sense of self would shudder at being in a predicament where they spent their first term facing the constant threat of decertification. The State of the Union was an unexpected triumph especially in the way Biden successfully handled the fur-collared Marjorie Taylor Greene who booed him in the background. Lo Biden turns out to be one of the most successful presidents in modern history—from a legislative point of view. He jousted with his opponents but was never felled. Next Stop Willoughby.

read "The Final Solution: Democracy" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

and listen to "Shotgun" by Junior Walker & The Allstars

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