Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Clouds

bust of Aristophanes (Alexander Mayatsky)

Face it. One day your Mac Book is going to be closed for the last time and you’ll really be in the Cloud. All your stories, poems and missives will either be wiped off the hard drive if your computer is being given away or crushed in some garbage compactor. Usually, one thinks of a loved one or even therapist as the repository of memory, but in the current age your legacy is inherited by a virtual assistant, an Alexa or Siri. You have been living under the illusion of “infinite storage.” However, with the loss of their creator your collective unconscious will literally be sucked into the black hole of oblivion. Yes everything could live on in cyberspace, but only if your credit card hasn’t been deactivated at the time of you death. Aristophanes wrote a satire of intellectual life, The Clouds. Significantly has vanished along with all the treasured notions you may have entered in your digital journals.  "Look at my work, ye mighty, and despair!" says Shelley in "Ozymandius."

Read "Ultimate Rejection!" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

and watch the animation of Erotomania

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