Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Dressed For Success

Say you’re one of those people who’s never going to dress for success, undress for success or in fact be “a success.” If you grew up way back when in one of those lost decades you may remember hearing your mother on the phone usually talking about how successful someone else’s kid was, with the implication that her flock were not made of that kind of stuff. It didn’t really matter what you were successful at. Klara Hitler undoubtedly bragged about Adolf and some other jealous mother undoubtedly found herself gossiping about how the youthful dictator was going to take over the country some day. Success/failure are the top and bottom of the graduated cylinder of existence.What about being successful at congestive heart failure? But what could be worse than a life of mediocrity? Would you rather your novel was a major failure (misunderstood by a world which was not ready for your sensibility) than a modest success, employing commonly used tropes that don’t shake the boat? Catullus wrote dirty poems, but he surely had loads of contemporaries who wrote harmless odes. Would you want to be remembered for being elected to two non-consecutive terms, as Grover Cleveland was, in the event you turned out to be presidential material? Getting back to Hitler. He had quite a run. You would have to call Hitler “very successful” in a crowded and competitive playing field of tyrants.

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