Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Final Solution: C-Day

You may be replaying your worst day best day scenarios. Pandemics have a way of testing the limits. Comorbidity is synonymous with perfect storm and the nature of the illness itself leads to ancillary problems that can easily accelerate a downward spiral. It used to be that you lost your girlfriend, wife or house in the same week or day. Coronavirus is a black hole whose very presence, whether you have it or not, is going to shake most people’s lives to their very core. Now centuries of racial oppression and the conconmitant economic inequality have literally become fatal. Domestic abuse cases have risen all through the weeks and months of the surge, as instability in the job market and isolation wreak havoc on lives. Just as the presence of the dark cloud is enough to make almost every day seem like a mini-Armageddon. Now what are your best days? When you see the chart showing a below 1% infection rate? When you see a flattening of the curve? When you hear that the DPA has been invoked to produce the kind of 90 minute tests that are routine now in England? Remember when life was simpler and your best day occurred when you found a job and an apartment and maybe even love?

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