Monday, September 23, 2019

How to Form a Movement

Everybody has a story. Usually it’s part of a Manichean design in which they're the force of  good opposing an evil in the form of a disreputable business partner, a competitive sibling or a domineering parent. Their story is, of course, countermanded by another version of events relayed by the mouthpieces of the opposing party. You’re not going to win unless you have followers and yours become a movement that hordes of people flock to in their search for enlightenment and freedom. In other words the best way to win an argument between the Hatfields and McCoys is for Mr. or Mrs. Hatfield or McCoy to become like Mao and publish a little red book of revolution. Imagine renting out Tiananmen Square during the divorce proceedings. Like a lot of places, China is changing and even ideology will likely become monetized. So you’ll probably be able to hire a hundred thousand protesters who will gladly create a movement to dramatize the oppression you’ve experienced from your husband or wife and justify the settlement you feel you’re entitled to. Thanks to Twitter you’ll piggyback as a  paid advertisement accompanying simultaneous demonstrations around the world for the latest cause du jour which is naturally being presided over by some thirteen year old guru whose dramatic oratory has enraptured the delegates at Davos or the G8. Never fight it out alone, when you can have millions of supporters to back up your tale of woe.

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