Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Are you tired of hearing about what someone ate last night for dinner or how much fun they had at Six Parks Great Adventure? Are you uninterested in whether a geezer you barely know went to a yoga class they considered “good” or found a shoemaker who puts old-fashioned taps on heels? Are you sick of hearing people lionizing their partners, lovers or parents or pointing out the latest presidential gaffe or piece of misinformation? Are you having trouble identifying with the conspicuous ostentatious and perseverative displays of contentment at human existence? Then you may discover the joys of “unfriending”—a process which unlocks a whole new world of possibilities? One by one you will be able to eliminate people until you have no friends on Facebook and there’s only you. Remember “Esse est percipi,” “to be means to be perceived,” the famous Bishop Berkeley quotation which appears at the beginning of Beckett’s Film (1965)? The movie is an essay on the surgical removal of the ways and means by which the self can be mirrored. Resign from Facebook and rent Film or Ross Lipman's brilliant film about the making of Film, Not Film (2015).

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