Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Final Solution: The Infernal Machine

Is it brilliance, animal instinct, or the old notion that when you hurl enough shit, it’s going to hit its mark? Maybe all three. "These Michigan Voters Show Where Trump’s 'Go Back' Attack May Help Him,NYT 7/22/19) ran the headline. The sad truth is that Trump perseverates in his racist remarks because he realizes they’re hitting a cord. It’s not just a few Michigan voters, but a large swath of moderates who don’t like one member or another of the Squad and are simply willing to let their emotions get the better of them. They  are in effect a perfect target. On the one hand Trump gets to play to his base with the usual mixture of racism and misogynism that's always his calling card. On the other he takes aim at four left of center Democrats whose positions he then uses to characterize the party. He kills two birds with one stone. Jean Cocteau wrote a play called The Infernal Machine based on the Oedipus myth, However it might be a good description of what may be happening to the Tower of Babel known as Democratic politics, as the party prepares to throw the next election down the toilet. 

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