Thursday, June 20, 2019

Pornosophy: Are Monogamy and Polyamory Compatible?

Are polyamory and monogamy compatible lifestyles? Generally, one pities the monogamous individual as a poor soul locked into a dependent and often loveless relationship with a partner whose role is that of the gaoler. There are, of course, exceptions in the case of those rare couples who’re actually in love and require only each other’s presence to live happy and contented existences. But even such passionate attachments must admit of the occasional animal urge. A farmer generally tends to his own property, but occasionally he or she will plow an adjacent field. However, what of the free spirit, the polyamorous personality who’s constantly setting sail for different ports? To extend the metaphor perhaps his or her vessel requires repairs, gets laid over and has to anchor in a harbor for an extended period of time. Suddenly the insouciant free spirit finds him or herself living a totally different lifestyle as his or her ship is becalmed. Years of jumping from bed to bed, a kind of sexual form of couch surfing, have left a distinct imprint on the neurogenic pathways of the brain. Yet suddenly the itinerant lothario or coquette starts to enjoy the pleasures of familiarity. The constant curiosity and attraction to everything in sight is still there along with a countervailing enjoyment of continuity. The satisfaction can be unique for philanderers whose pleasures ordinarily derive from variety. Their ship may still set sail, but now it’s like a cruise liner which offers a predictable itinerary.

N.B.: read Francis Levy's short story, "Pet Buddha"in Vol. 1 Brooklyn. 

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