Thursday, May 9, 2019

Pain Management

the rack
Discomfort comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. Pain isn’t one thing. You may have a throbbing or burning. People faint from pain and conversely sometimes a trauma is so extreme that the body is thrown into protective shock, something akin to the way defense mechanisms work with regard to psychic matters. Anxiety is often associated with pain and it can be painful to endure, but it’s not an affect that most people associate with physical discomfort. Torturers who seek to break their subject know a good deal about pain as do martial arts experts who use pain to subdue opponents. In this regard can choking someone out by depriving them of oxygen be rightfully considered pain? In terms of pain management you might be given Percocet after an operation, but there comes a point where the drug is no longer medicating a wound and that’s when the problems begin since it’s not pain, but life itself for which an anodyne is being sought. This can be a tricky condition to triage for many people who become addicted in the aftermath of otherwise normal procedures. The greatest source of mental pain is loss. People who are jilted by lovers or who lose their family or friends due to illness fall into a category all by themselves. You pay your respects when there’s a death in the family, but there's nothing that can be done or said to alleviate the raw pain. The most a compassionate person can do is to listen.

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