Tuesday, May 7, 2019


No one would ever dream you could have quantum physics or any of the practical applications that derive from it, like microprocessors that work on one atom. The sciences in essence moved more quickly than the mind’s capacity to imagine the possibilities in fiction or anywhere else. But what's unthinkable in the sphere of political science? In the l9th century Samuel Butler wrote a famous utopian novel based upon a palindrome. Erewhon with the tweak of one letter becomes "nowhere." In the 20thcentury l984 and Brave New World with their uncannily on the mark visions of totalitarianism gave us a preview both of how language and psychopharmacology would be expropriated by demagogic parties and leaders. But existential realities may be moving even faster than art. The axis of the earth has literally shifted and climate change is already resulting in continental shifts that few are able to grasp. Earthlings have despoiled the planet to such an extent that an exodus of an almost biblical nature is not a far-fetched idea. Imagine biospheres, modules of human life being transported over generations to the carbon based planets circling Kepler stars 1200 light years from earth or imagine a novel about mind being separated from the fragility of body and existing in cyberspace and producing a totally solipsistic  universe. The only thing missing, in these two putative works of fiction, are catchy titles. 

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