Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Sacramento Journal: Fathoming the Demographic

photo by Francis Levy
Where do all the homeless people come from and the murals of Johnny Cash, Prince and Saoirse Ronan? Sacramento is a mass of contrarieties. Tropical palms line the streets along with deciduous trees which create the feeling of New England in Northern California on a lustrous autumn afternoon. A gun store is down the block from a storefront operated by Franciscans. The Capitol Dome Park is surrounded with a majestic line of portosans in anticipation of a marathon--the line of portosans like an auspicious hedge. Around the corner from LexisNexis on 21st and K are Time Tested Books Sell-Buy-Trade, and Freestyle Relaxed Fashion Boutique--an old-fashioned used book store and a thrift shop a stone's throw from a computer giant. and then there's Harv's Car Wash (1901 I) GET IN • GET OUT • GET CLEAN • GO GREEN! How to unearth the demographics or explain that lamp in the store window of Lofings Lighting on J, with the woman's leg in fishnet stockings for a base?

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