Monday, December 10, 2018

Sperm Count: What's the Difference Between Having a Meal or Sex With Somebody?

What’s the difference between having a meal or sex with someone.? Is sexual intercourse just another course? For example you order an appetizer which is like foreplay. No wonder they talk about finger food. Freud deal with the anal and oral stages and that's something that most gourmets are interested in too. What comes in must come out is not one of the four laws of thermodynamics, but it’s a simple truth which permeates all human affairs--speaking of which if you’re indulging in an illicit meal, it’ll all come out in the wash. Now the main course is obviously going to be coitus of some sort which explains the expression "you can look at the menu but you don't have to order." Some people just ask for an appetizer which is the equivalent of getting a blow or hand job, but in general the aural satisfactions that derive from kissing and sucking, fellatio or cunnilingus lead up to the kind of degustatory union that's characteristic of both dining and sex. You might employ your penis, vagina, asshole or combination thereof (the combination plate so beloved in all style Cantonese places) and you'll be enjoying the coup de grace. If you’re having a prime rib, this is the part of the meal where you have eaten the outstanding meat and are up to the juicy mixture of fat and grizzle attached to the bone itself. The connection between eating and sex is underscored by the fact that an erection is called a boner. Anyone who had ever enjoyed having something hard and tasty in their mouth will appreciate it. Now we’re ready for the dessert, the after party or post prandial moment when having satisfied your lust you're ready for the cool down which comes from touching stimulated areas, like nipples which might have become hardened and are now releasing their gases like the floats in the Thanksgiving Day parade. Your demitasse is perfectly named due to the linguistic tie which conjures the sight of a sleeping lover’s fundament.

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