Friday, July 6, 2018

The God Palindrome

You might have looked God right smack in the face without even knowing it. In fact, the sallow-faced clueless looking fellow who might turn out to be God possibly wasn’t aware of the fact himself. You’ve always thought of God as someone wise who has a plan.  Might was right. But what if God is one of those value free chaps. You've seen them hanging out at the corner, with the Daily Racing  Form stuck in their back pockets. God might be a little like death, the stalker with the fedora who appears in the rearview mirror of a Twilight Zone called “The Hitchhiker” or perhaps God is like Hickey in The Iceman Cometh or surely the absence that haunts the Beckett masterpiece that dismissively adds an “ot” to create an iconic soubriquet. “Lookin' for love in all the wrong places” sings Johnny Lee, but why can’t the divine manifest itself anywhere? Was Harry Lime inadvertently seeking God in the sewers of Vienna? Carol Reed was a great director, but probably not God. Yet let’s say that God can be anyone and certainly not the person or thing we would expect him, her or it to be. You know how you felt when that really good looking girl went for a guy who you thought was a schmuck. Well you might say God, are you kidding? Him? Remember when all is said and done, God is nothing more than a palindrome. Dog spelled backwards. However, let’s go one step further. If God is not what you think he or she or it is and in fact doesn’t even know it’s God, then why can’t you be the son of God, Christ, or Moses who God appointed to free the Jews from slavery and lead them to the promised land?

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