Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Final Solution: The Ice Age

Dinosaurs became extinct as a result of the Ice Age. As might be expected there were a number of other species and creatures who fell victim to the scourge which scientists believe may have been the result of a meteor hitting the earth. Now that the polls are indicating that Trump could possibly be re-elected, humanity seems again to be on the precipice. Either some act of God which may take the form of Stormy Daniels and Michael Goldman (but not the Mueller Investigation) will end his rule or he will go on his merry way, in the company of other tyrants like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin—who all join hands at that ultimate cyber watering hole, known as “The Summit.” International affairs has moved from the romance novel paradigm to Jurassic Park.These larger than life creatures produced by genetic mutations of reality TV will hopefully gobble each other up before they murder everyone else. With the Russians meddling in the elections of literally the whole world and for instance possibly engineering Brexit to further weaken the EU ("Russian bid to influence Brexit vote detailed in new US Senate report," The Guardian, 1/10/18), the only possibility for an end to it all would come in the form of an errant comet, like the one that the Japanese space mission is trying to reach ("Japan's Hyabasa2 Spacecraft Creeps Up on the Ryugu Asteroid,NYT, 6/25/18). The only problem is that like with the previous Ice Age, the Dinosaurs are likely to take everyone else with them when they go.

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