Monday, February 19, 2018

The Talk of Milford, CT

If you’re having car problems on 95 and you’re in the Milford area around exit 40, you may want to stop at Dr. Nick’s where they will test drive your vehicle and take a look under the body for no charge. But beware they don’t deal with tires. For that you’ll have to take six minute drive to Firestone. Both Dr. Nick’s and Firestone have nice waiting areas by the way, where you meet people. At Dr. Nick's a truck driver had set up camp while waiting for the fuel pump to be replaced on his Chevy. His father hailed from Rumford, Maine near the White Mountains of New Hampshire and had some French Canadian blood. At Firestone, there was an evangelical preacher who was asking his Siri for the definition of the word “sheaf” from Leviticus. The impresario at Firestone was a bearded chap who looked like a mullah and whose brother-in-law had made money on stock called Nvidia which profits on gaming and AMD, the chip maker. Shades of the Coen Brothers were also apparent in a hyperactive little girl who tripped her mother and whose chainsmoking grandmother didn't put up a fight when her credit card was declared invalid. Within an hour you’re "on the road again" to quote Willy Nelson, taking 91 through Hartford, Springfield to parts unknown.

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