Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner might be the theme of a number of speculations about our FBI director or the Russian ambassador. However it’s also the title of a movie about interracial marriage, which starred Sidney Poitier. General Michael Flynn was purportedly meeting if not "dining" with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak who he had no mandate to engage with while the question is not only what was Trump asking of Comey over the dinner table, but why was the former FBI director even there (particularly at a time when there were very sensitive investigations going on)? However, the fact that a woman wears a short skirt is not an invitation to rape and presidents are not supposed to get appointed or elected officials in their pockets—particularly officials whose behavior has already been suspect. Of course, the movie that also starred Spencer Tracey and Katharine Hepburn, had a happier ending then some of the “dinners” which have recently taken place in Washington. For instance Mr. Trump also met with his predecessor in what was billed as a constructive working session that taking place over 1½ hours lasted longer than he expected. In that case the fallout was rather extreme to the extent that the interracial “marriage” not only didn’t work, but ended up with Trump accusing his host of bugging his premises. Nevertheless, l967, when Guess Whose Coming to Dinner was released, was a more optimistic time. LBJ was creating the Great Society, which Trump is trying to disband today.

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