Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sperm Count: Learning Victoria's Secret

Victoria Secret store at 722 Lexington Avenue (WestportWiki)
If  you want to vote in a primary you generally have to choose to be Democratic or Republican and followers of each party obviously will argue the benefits of each. For instance if you’re against big government entitlements and taxes you are going to be happier as a Republican. But if you believe like Bernie Sanders that health care is a right along with social security and that accumulation of huge amounts of wealth should be prevented by progressive tax policies then you’ll be happier as a Democrat. But what about sex. It used to be that one was born male or female, but now it’s increasingly become a choice and so like with choosing to register as a Democrat or Republican it might be useful to go over the advantages of either keeping the present sex one is born into or switching to the opposite, whether it be male or female. Males have traditionally been regarded as receiving higher wages and preferable consideration when it comes to promotion for major positions in companies (in fact it’s a continuing complaint of feminists). If you join the army and you're interested in actually fighting then you’re better off as a male (though  it looks like women are going to be able to become Seals if they can get through the training, "Navy SEALs set to open to women, top admiral says," Navy Times, 12/3/15).). On a biological note, it can be better to be a male because you don’t have to go through menstruation (and cramps) and especially menopause. So what are the contravening benefits to being female that a male who is thinking of sex reassignment surgery (SRS)? First of all we live in the age of ED. Of course nobody talks about it because they’re too embarrassed, though apparently 40% of males over the age of 40 experience some kind of erectile dysfunction. Can you imagine a life having a vagina and never having to be lying on top of someone who is asking “what’s wrong?” There are other advantages to being female too. Females tend to be more sensitive and empathetic; it’s a mood change you’ll start to notice within a few hours of your gender reassignment becoming finalized. Also, as a discriminated against class of person, you will now begin to enjoy the benefits that can accrue over years of inequity. You may find that you get the position you were after, not because you were qualified but because a)you have become a much better looking woman or man than you used to be b) that as the result of some class action suit you will suddenly become one of a group of women or men hired to fill positions formerly occupied by the opposite sex. In terms of space flight, we’ve had women astronauts so there’s no particular benefit one way or the other with being or not being a woman if you are interested in spending a long period of time in outer space (otherwise known as being a space cadet). Perhaps the biggest enjoyment of being a women is being able to wear lingerie. Men don’t usually get to wear bras, thongs, stockings and garters and converts to womanhood will soon learn Victoria’s Secret.

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