Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pornosophy: The Rising Moon

The Human Penis (Henry Vandyke Carter)
The latest in autoerotic Tantric Sexuality for men derives from a centuries old posture of Cunnilingua Yoga called "The Rising Moon." You take off all your clothes as this exercise must be done totally nude in order to achieve a happy ending. If your matt is rolled up, unroll it and lay it carefully on the floor of the Yoga studio. Straighten one leg and hold it up in the air with you hand behind your knee, fold it over your chest and look in the opposite direction. Do the same with the other leg and break a leg! Ha ha. Now you are ready to begin your “ Rising Moon." Take several breathes in and release. Do this again. Then start to relax your mind, remembering back until you recall particularly juicy memories of sexual encounters which begin to make your penis grow hard. Once your penis is hard, swing it to the left (without straining), then swing it right. Now, slowly raise your legs up in the air and allow them to swing over your head so that your behind is off the matt and your testicles are now dangling against your hara or center. Complete the motion so that your toes hit the floor and the head or glans of your hardened penis rests gently against your own lips. While gently releasing your hip flexors allow your penis to enter your open mouth. Lick your penis with your tongue and then gently hold it in place by creating a suction. Move your mouth up and down your glans. Then gently engage the shaft. Think I am giving this gift of love to myself as you complete your Rising Moon.

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