Thursday, February 6, 2014

Medical Malpractioner

With the decline of print journalism, magazines have been folding right and left. The demise of the print edition of Newsweek and New York’s Magazine’s decision to become a biweekly are two of the most recent examples of how once auspicious organs have been threatened. But though there has been talk of  bringing a print edition of Newsweek back, the future of glossies may lie in narrowcasting. For instance, instead of Playboy, you would have a magazine called Medical Malpractitoner. Some of the future articles might include “I Saw the Queen in Stirrups” (a royal gynecologist tells all). “Creative Implanting” (a look at common household ingredients that can be used in place of silicone), “Tales of a Dyslexic Brain Surgeon,” “Hip Hip Hooray…Hip Replacements That Are As Easy as ABC,” “I Helped Athletes to Shrink Their Balls: A Doctor’s Reminisces About Steroids,” “A Prominent Oncologist Warns That Cancer like Alcoholism Should be Self-Diagnosed” and “New Frontiers in Lay Dentistry.” The first issue of Medical Malpractioner would hit the stands with an excerpt from the hot new Swedish detective novel, The Girl With the Taboo Tattoo and of course every issue would include a Medical Malpractioner centerfold which would be some cockamamie new piece of equipment along with a nude.

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