Thursday, June 13, 2013

Navy Seal Becomes Woman

possibly transgender seal in Central Park Zoo
The recent CNN story ”Former Navy Seal comes out as transgender: ‘I want some happiness.’” (CNN, 6/7/13) underscored the discrimination against transgender folks that is rampant in our society and particularly the military. But what about normal seals? Many of the seals you and I have enjoyed seeing in the seal pool at the Central Park Zoo could be women trapped in men’s bodies or the reverse. But you won't find any CNN crews coming to interview them. And what about those transgender seals who have had to lead double lives, having to stay underwater and only being able to lounge on the rocks with their contemporaries at the center of the seal pool on rare occasions. Of course this brings up the even more painful issue of regular seals and the military. The discrimination against transgender seals would never have occurred if seals had been able to exercise the right to serve their country and thereby partake of the kind of publicity that a Navy Seal is able to garner. Sure there is still discrimination against transgender Navy Seals, but at least their plight is coming into the public eye. It’s one thing to be a victim, but another to find that there's little awareness of the travails you have suffered. All the male seals who feel they are women  trapped in men’s bodies and all the female seals who feel they are men trapped in women’s bodies should should flap their tails in such a way as to show those who watch them with little understanding of their plight, that they are all wet.

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