Friday, October 12, 2012

Lives of Our Leaders: Vice is Nice, But Sex is Best

Biden is from Scranton. Ryan is from Janesville, Wisconsin. They are both Irish Catholics and supposed defenders of middle class values. Ryan regards it as an infringement on religious liberty to force Catholic hospitals to perform procedures that go against church doctrine. Biden finds it’s an infringement on religious liberty to force other religions, to wit Protestants, Muslims and Jews, to honor the doctrine of his church. Biden feels that the Romney team’s proposed tax cuts will benefit 120,000 high income earners to the tune of 500 billion dollars. Ryan argues that Obama’s recovery has resulted in 15 million people living at poverty level. Plainly there's disagreement, but the second debate was a stalemate. Curiously the two vice presidential candidates have more in common with each other than with their running mates. In their tirades, one can hear the faint echoes of “a chicken in every pot.”  Ryan was cute when he translated a piece of Biden argot for the straight-laced Martha Raddatz. You kept thinking about a political correlate of swapping and open marriage. Romney was born into the elite and went to Stamford. Obama is a product of the meritocracy, but ended up at Columbia. Both are products of Harvard. Imagine Obama going to bed with Romney and Biden with Ryan—with all these free spirits flipping a coin to see who’s top. If there’s a class divide in the current election, it’s not between the two parties.

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