Thursday, April 7, 2022

Putin in 2024

photo: Kremlin. ru

Consider this scenario. Russia continues to amass a huge force in Crimea and the contested Donbas region, simply waiting for Trump’s election. Trump never liked NATO, claiming that the US was paying the freight. But more significantly he's likely to put the reports of the brutalities in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities in the category of "The Big Lie." Like the election results, the reports of murder and rape are "fake news," doctored images. Is Putin waiting for 2024? At that time Trump will again distance himself from NATO, pull out troops from Poland, Lithuania and other formerly Eastern Bloc countries, allowing the Russians to reconstitute the old USSR. Under the Trump/Putin alliance, Imperial Russia will be reborn! Amidst the flood of executive orders repealing the US participation in the Paris Climate Accords and ending the renegotiation the Iran nuclear deal, will be a number of right of ways allowing the Trump International to finally build skyscraper hotels and casino in Moscow and Minsk. Remember the famous the photo op where Trump said he had no reason to doubt what Putin said? After Putin denies all his war crimes at the press conference organized after his visit to Trump White House II, both tanks and heads will roll.

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